Mixing with the Masters, Volume One


“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy
in creative expression and knowledge.”

~ Albert Einstein

This art course will help you!


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Mixing with the Masters
 “A New Twist on the Old Masterpieces”
(Volume One)


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Mixing with the Masters gives you and your kids a FUN, hands-on way to connect with the old masters and some of their most famous works. By becoming involved in the same processes these artists used, the elements and principles of art will come ALIVE!

In this course, we study six artists from various eras and movements. We learn about their lives, art styles, techniques, mediums, and genres.

Then comes the really fun part:

 We recreate a few of their most famous pieces, giving each our own mixed media twist! 


Japanese Footbridge

This series is a whimsical and highly enjoyable one – a way to learn about famous artists and their works by getting our own hands dirty and using our “artistic license” at the same time. We go much deeper than your typical artist studies with “fill-in-the-blank” worksheets, coloring pages, or paper crafting. In these lessons, each piece will be a unique work of art that will help to encourage your child to explore his or her creative talents.

My desire for this workshop is threefold:

  1. to ignite a love, even passion, for the old masters and their works
  2. to encourage kids and teens to actively engage in the art process and have FUN doing so
  3. to inspire them to utilize and further develop their own creativity

Starry Night

Art is a vitally important learning tool in any classroom, whether public or home school. Children who create art – sketches, paintings, sculptures, etc. – not only experience the satisfaction of self-expression, but also learn to think in new ways.

“Being an ‘agent of civilization’ is one of the many roles ascribed to teachers. If we are to have any expectations of producing a well-educated, well-prepared generation of deep-thinking, resourceful leaders, then it is essential to give students an opportunity to review, respond to, and ultimately revere the power of the human imagination—past and present. There may be no better way to promote this than to study, understand, and exult in masterpieces.” ~ Joseph Matthew Piro

Use these lessons as:

  • a fun, inspiring, hands-on art course
  • a supplement to your family’s Charlotte Mason Art Appreciation and/or Artist Study
  • part of a unit study – (I’ll be including more resources for further learning)

This is a 6-week e-Course which means classes will be taught via videos in a private, password-protected site.  You can watch them on your own time and adjust them to fit your family’s schedule.

All classes are fully available now. Join in on the fun! 

In this workshop for kids ages 8 and up (tweens, teens, & moms too), we explore and experiment with various art forms including: Masters Collage

  • Sketching & charcoal drawing
  • Acrylic painting techniques, such as:
    • Fresco
    • Chiaroscuro
    • Tache
    • Impasto
    • Alla Prima
    • Gradient
  • Watercolor painting
  • Pastel painting
  • Wax resist
  • Collage art
  • And MORE!

This e-Course is spread over six weeks, with detailed videos and supply lists of each project. Each unique art piece reflects the artist’s original style and intent, but we playfully reconstruct it in our own whimsical way. 😉

18 different art lessons altogether (3 per artist), plus 6 art challenges!

In addition to the art lessons, there is:

  • A short biographaphical video on each artist
  • Printable PDF study guides
  • A weekly student “challenge”
  • Printable patterns and templates
  • Inspirational quotes by each artist
  • Suggested books, videos, and websites for further learning
  • Private Facebook group in which to share students’ works of art


6-Week Course, Lifetime Access!*

Upon purchase, you will receive a welcome PDF with your supply list, links to the private “classrooms” and passwords.

Your kids can work on their art projects whenever they want and at their own pace, because you will receive LIFETIME access to this course.*

Volume One features the following artists from six different art movements:


DaVinci - thumb          Rembrant - thumb          Monet - thumb

Leonardo da Vinci – High Renaissance
Rembrandt van RijnBaroque 
Claude MonetImpressionism

Van Gogh - thumb          Picasso - thumb          O'Keeffe - thumb

Vincent van GoghPost-Impressionism 
Pablo Picasso – Cubism 
Georgia O’KeeffeAmerican Modernism


Get ready to mix it up with the masters!

All classes are fully available now. Join in on the fun! 

* For as long as I manage this site.


What Others Are Saying About My Mixed Media Courses:


“Alisha Gratehouse is a wonderful instructor! [My son] has loved her lessons, not only for the actual instruction, but because she makes these projects so fun. I found him laughing out loud in his lessons so many times I lost count! He’s enjoying the art, but he’s also enjoying her as a teacher. That’s an added bonus!” ~ Emily C.

“[My daughter] spends almost her entire day, night and weekend creating. She has thoroughly enjoyed the Spring mixed media course and can’t wait to begin You Are A Masterpiece. Alisha you rock!! [She] LOVES all her art classes but yours is by far her favourite!” ~ Claire S.

“My kids have never gotten such good art instruction, not only in technique, but in the classical artists. We are LOVING this class!” ~ Susan E.

“This has been a great project for us to do together. I have been wanting to bring more art into my homeschool (I LOVE art history!) but have not felt confident in art instruction. We have all enjoyed your videos and creating art together… Your style is gentle, encouraging, and fun! Your accent makes me feel all cozy, like a nice cup of tea…” ~ Amy F.

“Thank you for sharing your gift of art! Your class has brought so much joy and beauty to our lives!” ~ Patty S.

“This class is so much more than I thought I was buying. I thought I would get some ebooks with pictures and written instructions, but the videos are so much better! It’s great to see exactly how to do it and get new ideas for using the media. I’ve done a lot of acrylic painting on wood, but your ideas on canvas – using a wash over the papers, using fingers to apply an edge, and dabbing with bubble wrap……wow! And for my 7-year old art buddy, this is exactly what she needs, to see the different possibilities demonstrated, complete with the ‘oops’ moments. (Please don’t ever edit those out!)” ~ Pam C.

“Thank you for your great classes online! [They are] so much fun! Thirty years ago I remember wanting to make creative things but there were not any resources available to me then for such luxuries as art. But now I can enjoy your class with my children. So wonderful!” ~ Kim H.

“Both of us had a great time with the Art of Fall Mixed Media class working together and trying new art ideas. My daughter adored the time I spent with her and I found it to be very therapeutic! The projects are explained well and the videos make them easy to try on your own… It was just plain fun!  The results were excellent and made lovely display pieces.” ~ Heather W.

“Parents, if you are crazy enough to want some high quality mixed media art lessons for your child(ren) you probably want to check out Alisha Gratehouse’s lessons. She makes everyone in our house feel like an artist by the time a project is finished. We’re even (willingly and joyfully) hanging the art up in the house! Where it can be seen. The price is right, too. So whether you have a couple, several, few, or gaggle of children it’s affordable.” ~ Christine C.

“We have been loving the art projects…Thanks for making the classes we are learning new each time. I never thought I could draw and paint like we did this week!” ~ Shannon F.

“Great class and SO much fun! We learned so many new techniques and I had as much fun as my daughter did. The videos show you step by step how to do it — even my 7 year old daughter could follow them.” ~ Leigh Ann T.

“My kids have really enjoyed the projects! Thanks for keeping the price reasonable for all us homeschooling.” ~ Julie A.